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To take advantage of this offer, simply refer to our website using the following link :

In the link above, replace 'YourBitcoinAddress' with the Bitcoin address where you'd like to receive your commission.

Now whenever a bettor arrives in our website for the first time through your link, you will earn commission on all bets placed, no matter if the bets were won or lost.

For example, lets say that your commission rate is 1% and a bettor that you referred bets 1 BTC and wins 2 BTC, then bets 1 BTC again and lose it. The bettor will win 1 BTC in total and you will earn 0.02 BTC in commission. As you can see, there is absolutely no risk to you as you will earn your commission no matter who wins the bet.

The best part is that your affiliate ID will be stored, so you will keep earning 1% on all future bets placed by your referrals, for life.

Here is a sample code of how you can embed our animated banner with your affiliate link in a web page :

<a href=""><img src="" style="border : none;"></a>

Feel free to create your own custom banner, or use one of our banners.

Download the DirectBet Banners

Notes :

  • Please note that you are not allowed to refer yourself.

  • Before you start, please contact us and provide your Affiliate ID. We will then provide you with a password for accessing your real time referral report below.

  • Commission rate for all new affiliates starts at 0.3%. If you have 7 referrals that bet 10 BTC or more each during the previous month, your commission rate for the current month will be set to 1%.

  • All sport bets are eligible for commission regardless of the coin used for betting. However, Direct Dice and All-In Poker Flips bets are not eligible for commission.

  • You can withdraw your commission any time you wish. Contact us with your withdrawal request. Minimum withdrawal is 0.01 BTC.

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